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Landscape Design

A carefully manicured landscape includes intuitive path design alongside decorative plants.

Your Vision, Professionally Crafted

Personalized Landscape Design Process

Embrace the journey of creating your ideal landscape with Austin Outdoor Creations. Our landscape design process is a collaborative endeavor tailored to translate your vision into a tangible blueprint for your outdoor space.

Upon initiation, we’ll engage with you to understand the full scope of the project and require a copy of your home survey to set the foundation for our design work. With the design fee settled, we proceed to a series of three productive Zoom meetings:

First Session

We’ll present an initial draft based on our initial consultation and make any necessary adjustments together.

Second Session

Here, we refine the design, ensuring we’re aligned with your vision and moving closer to finalization at about 75% completion.

Third Session

In our final meeting, we’ll present what should be the design that perfectly captures your desires. With approval, we’ll prepare and deliver the final drawings.

Once the design is in your hands, you’ll also receive a detailed estimate for the execution of the project by Austin Outdoor Creations. As an added benefit, choosing us for implementation means you’ll get 50% of your design cost credited back in the final invoicing.

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