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Artificial Turf Installation

A lawn technician rolls out artificial turf.

Experience the Ease of Artificial

Bringing Lifelike Beauty to Your Outdoors

The journey to a vibrant, low-maintenance landscape begins with a face-to-face consultation. We’ll measure your intended installation area and provide different turf styles through various samples for your hands-on review.

Detailed Estimates

Understanding the full scope of your project, we provide a detailed estimate to ensure transparency and no unexpected costs.

Area Preparation

We commence installation by removing any existing turf and leveling the land to create a smooth surface, prepping the area for transformation.

Aggregate Installation

Next, we install a well-calibrated aggregate base that not only anchors your turf securely but also facilitates proper drainage.

Weed Barrier

Subsequently, a weed barrier is installed to the land’s surface to prevent weeds from intruding upon your immaculate greenery.

Turf Installation

With the foundation ready, we roll out and meticulously secure your chosen turf, assuring a perfectly tailored fit.

Filling and Finishing

Depending on your unique requirements and usage, we add fill materials designed to weigh down your turf and enhance its natural look and feel.

Clean-up and Completion

Our installation process concludes with thorough clean-up and landscaping. Left behind is nothing but a pristine, beautifully transformed expanse of lush and maintenance-free artificial grass.

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